About Us

We’re truck people. From the grille to the mud flaps, Speed & Trucks Unlimited has the inventory, knowledge and experience to transform your vehicle into a high-powered, duty-ready workhorse – and do it with style.

Customers in Manassas and throughout Virginia rely on Speed & Trucks Unlimited to supply performance parts, interior accessories, hitches, wheels, tires and exterior accessories they demand. Our extensive inventory includes a huge variety of interior and exterior accessories to upgrade the look and comfort of your vehicle, including lighting, floor mats, seat covers, trim, and more. If you’re looking to boost performance, we offer engine components, exhaust systems, mufflers, brakes, suspension and suspension kits, tires of all types, wheels, air filters and intakes, and performance chips. We carry and install hitches of all classes and types.

Whether you’re a Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Nissan or Toyota truck driver, we have the gear you need to upgrade your vehicle and make it truly your own. Contact us  today at (571) 208-1784 to speak with a team member and discuss your project.